We combine expert analysis and insight with artificial intelligence to help
create custom solutions that focus on various areas of web consumption.
This is applied to a gamification learning strategy that takes game-based
concepts and mechanics to improve engagement and generate unique,
Personalized recommendations and results to help drive and enhance learning !


As a natural progression to gamification, captures the essence of 'gaming' and brings it to your everyday web-browsing. Using an energy system to provide access and a points system to keep track of progress, we enable users to engineer new ways for their mind to consume information. Utilize tools that help with discovery and learning by tracking your progress across multiple applications. Enhance consumption and comprehension of data using automated analysis and intelligent search.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela

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Adaptive analytics applied to learning in a whole new way.
Use your customizable profile and web portal to help rethink the way you use the web.

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Track your progress in different areas of study to help improve overall comprehension.
Continue where you left off by logging into your account from any internet enabled device.

A web interface that
learns as you learn!

Status: Closed Beta

Check out our integrated applications and plug-ins used to improve the way you view the web!

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Advanced analytics and content management designed to track your performance and project future trends in data.


Expand your learning with courses related to your hobbies and interests and create a learning schedule.
Track your progress using built in applications and an interface that learns as you learn.


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